You need your teeth to eat and stay healthy. When you have damaged or missing teeth, you’ll need restorative dentistry to repair the damage and eat normally again.

What’s The Best Way To Replace A Missing Tooth?

This depends on several factors such as affordability and the health of your jawbone. (Your bone tissue there starts to deteriorate when a tooth’s root is not present.) If your jawbone is healthy enough, a dental implant is a great choice. This dental restoration uses a replacement tooth connected to an artificial root. This is as close to regrowing the lost tooth as you can get. If the bone tissue is too thin or weak, you can get a dental bridge instead. The replacement tooth with this dental restoration is held in place by a pair of porcelain dental crowns. It’s a nonsurgical and more affordable option for replacing a lost tooth.

What If I’m Missing Several Teeth In A Row?

Maybe you have lost several teeth instead of just one. Accidents and injuries are usually the cause, but gum disease and age can help that happen as well. Rather than get several dental implants, you could get partial dentures. These feature replacement teeth made to look like the ones that went missing, but healthier. They are connected to each other. You snap the denture in place using clasps that connect to your existing teeth. Once you snap the denture in, your smile will be functional and look normal. If you are looking for a more secure option, an implant-supported dental bridge may be a better choice for you.

What Are Porcelain Crowns?

Sometimes, the problem isn’t missing teeth. It’s teeth that are damaged. Chips and cracks can make it uncomfortable to chew. That’s where dental crowns can help. This dental restoration is a porcelain “cap” shaped and coloured to look like one of your healthy teeth. It’s placed over the damaged tooth and fits snugly, making sure chips and cracks do not get worse. Plus, it provides another layer of protection. Damaged teeth can be made strong and functional again with porcelain crowns.

How Can I Fix A Cavity?

Everyone has harmful bacteria in their mouths. When bacteria reside on the surface of your teeth, they produce acids that start to dissolve the enamel. This creates a small hole, or cavity. This can be repaired with a tooth filling. At our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office, we offer several materials to fill in a cavity, including metal fillings and tooth-coloured fillings. If the damage is too big for a filling, a porcelain crown may do a much better job.

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