Cosmetic Dentistry

Your confidence is important. When you look great, you feel it and are more confident. But when you don’t like how you look, your confidence is lower. That’s why cosmetic dentistry options from our White Rock/South Surrey dental office are so important. They don’t just make your smile look great — they make you look great.

Dental Veneers Make Your Smile Pop

Dental veneers are thin shells that are shaped and coloured to look like healthy teeth. They’re placed on the front of your existing teeth. Once there, they instantly make your smile look great. They hide all imperfections and stains so you have a winning smile. Porcelain veneers require a small amount of enamel to be removed so they can sit flush with your other teeth. However, we also offer e.max veneers. These are made from a special material that can be so thin, no enamel may need to be removed.

Simple Teeth Whitening Options

There many different kinds of teeth whitening systems available without a prescription. However, these tend to have weaker whitening agents to be sold without a dentist’s permission. To get your teeth really white, you can get professional-strength teeth whitening at our dental office. Our take-home trays deliver whitening at your home and at your convenience.

Alternative to Traditional Braces

When your adult teeth come in, they rarely come in perfectly. That’s why so many teens have crooked or misaligned smiles. At our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office, you can get Invisalign instead. These clear plastic aligners move your teeth but are almost invisible when worn. They are also removable for your convenience.

Preventive Orthodontics for Children

When children lose their baby teeth, the adult ones can sometimes take a while to come in. That space must be kept open so there’s room for the new tooth to emerge properly. Otherwise, orthodontic treatments may be required to fix that problem. Space maintainers are small devices that fill those spaces temporarily. This prevents the other teeth from sliding into the spaces.

Smooth Out Your Teeth

There are two cosmetic dentistry options that can help your smile look smooth and normal. Teeth contouring is one procedure in which Dr. Rogers carefully removes some enamel from your affected teeth. This smooths out any craters, rough spots, or uneven edges. Tooth contouring can also shorten teeth that are too long. Tooth bonding is almost the opposite. Dr. Rogers will apply a resin material to your teeth. The resin is coloured to look like healthy enamel. It fills in any chips or cracks, smoothing out your teeth.

Get in Front of Gum Recession

Harmful bacteria can irritate your gums and cause gum disease. When your gums are diseased, they lose healthy tissue and can pull away from your teeth. This makes your teeth look oddly long. To reverse gum recession, Dr. Rogers can use the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. This moves your gumline back to where it should be, protecting your teeth and making your smile look normal again.

Ready to make your smile look wonderful? Call us today at 604-536-7606 ext 1 or use our convenient online form for your next appointment for cosmetic dentistry options. New patients can always receive a free initial consultation. The free consultation is your chance to meet with Dr. Rogers and his team for a brief visual exam and evaluation. This initial visit will not include X-rays, diagnostic tests, or a teeth cleaning, but we can take care of those things at your next appointment.