Dental Cleanings And Dental Exams

As with medicine, prevention is vital in dentistry. The earlier we catch a problem, the less time and money it will take to fix it. That’s why regular dental cleanings and dental exams are so important. Call our dental office at 604-536-7606 ext 1 to schedule your next dental cleanings and dental exams White rock, BC area appointment.

Gentle, Caring Dental Care

If it’s been years since you last went to a dentist’s office, you might be worried about the state of your teeth. Maybe you’re concerned about how bad things might have gotten, or you think you’ll get a lecture when you finally come in. That’s not how Dr. Rogers or our team works at our White Rock/South Surrey dental office. We are here to help you. That means focusing solely on what we can do to help you and your family have great smiles. And if you’re worried about dental problems, our comprehensive dental treatments can help with almost every dental problem.

Prevent Problems With Dental Cleanings

The reason you need to brush and floss is to get rid of tiny particles of food or drink. These often get stuck on your teeth and gums after eating and drinking. Harmful bacteria thrive off these particles, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. While brushing and flossing helps a lot, it doesn’t get rid of everything. For example, plaque and tartar can build up even if you take care of your smile at home. It takes special tools and training to keep your teeth truly clean.

Your In-Depth Dental Exam

After your teeth are cleaned by one of our dental hygienists, Dr. Rogers will perform a thorough exam on your mouth. Normally, this will include digital X-rays and intraoral camera images for a detailed look at your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Dr. Rogers will also check for any signs of cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer. Once the exam is complete, we will clearly explain the results so you can make informed decisions for your dental care.

Children’s Dental Cleanings and Exams

Not every dental office sees children, even if they call themselves a family dental office. At our White Rock/South Surrey dental office, we offer family dentistry. Dr. Rogers will see children as young as 2 years old. While children this young don’t have their adult teeth yet, baby teeth can still get cavities and create problems. As with adults, children still need thorough exams and professional cleanings to stay healthy.

Your First Dental Appointment

This depends on the results of the exam. Many times, your first appointment with Dr. Rogers will focus on cleaning your teeth and an initial assessment. That means explaining the exam results and consulting you for your dental health goals.

Ready to get your teeth cleaned and examined? Call us today at 604-536-7606 ext 1 or use our convenient online form for your next appointment. New patients can always receive a free initial consultation. The free consultation is your chance to meet with Dr. Rogers and his team for a brief visual exam and evaluation. This initial visit will not include X-rays, diagnostic tests, or a teeth cleaning, but we can take care of those things at your next appointment.