Restorative Dentistry

When your teeth are damaged, you need to fix all of the damage. Otherwise, problems will just get worse. What started as a small crack could jeopardize the whole tooth. Dental restorations from our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office will help repair your smile and make it healthy again.

Porcelain Crowns Give You a Beautiful, Natural Smile

The enamel on your teeth is very strong and durable. That’s why you can chew so much over your lifetime and not hurt your teeth. However, strong is not the same as impervious. As you get older, your enamel can collect damage like chips and cracks. If not treated, the damage will get worse.

That’s why porcelain dental crowns from our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office are so important. This dental restoration fits snugly over your damaged tooth. Each porcelain crown is coloured and shaped to look like a healthy version of the tooth it covers. A crown protects your tooth and makes it look great again. We have our own lab, so your crowns will be made right here.

Use Dental Bridge to Replace Missing Teeth

There are a few treatments for a missing tooth, but a dental bridge is an affordable, noninvasive option. In this restorative dentistry procedure, a replacement tooth is crafted in our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office. It’s held in the gap by a pair of porcelain crowns, each placed on the tooth next to the gap. You will get a beautiful, natural tooth replacement so you can eat normally again.

When a Root Canal is Needed

If a cavity gets bad enough, harmful bacteria can break through to the dental pulp inside your tooth. This is where all of the tooth’s nerve endings are found. When your pulp gets infected, you normally have a bad toothache. If decay is not removed and the tooth is not fixed, the tooth will eventually die.

With a root canal treatment, Dr. Rogers will make a small hole in the side of your tooth. Using special tools, he’ll carefully remove the infected pulp and replace it with an inert material. After he seals the tooth with a porcelain crown, your tooth will be healthy once more, and your pain will subside.

Restoring Cavities With Durable Fillings

Bacteria can thrive in your mouth when you don’t keep your mouth clean. They live off tiny particles of food and drink, especially sugar and carbs. When they live on the surface of your teeth, they secrete an acid and create cavities. There are a few dental treatments that will help repair cavities. One used frequently is a dental filling. You can get several kinds of fillings from our dental office. If the cavity is big, however, you can get a porcelain crown instead.

Replacing Several Teeth in a Row

Traditional fixed dental bridges work great at replacing teeth. If you have several teeth missing, you can get an implant-supported dental bridge instead. This has several replacement teeth connected to each other. A local, trusted specialist will surgically place dental implants and Dr. Rogers will attach a bridge to them. As an alternative, you can get partial dentures. These have several replacement teeth as well but use clasps to hold securely onto your existing teeth.

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