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Here we are at the end of another calendar year. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all that we accomplished in 2016 and also to set some new goals for the months ahead.

Regarding your hopes and dreams for the future, there are a few things that Dr. Rogers would like to know: Are you happy with the health and appearance of your smile? Have you ever thought about fixing your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? What is holding you back?

If you really would like to make a change, we are confident that we can help you improve your dental situation in a way that makes sense for wherever you are at in your life’s journey. These days there are some great alternative treatment methods that do not necessitate wearing metal braces that we all were exposed to, in one way or another, back in our younger days.

As it happens, our White Rock/South Surrey, BC general dentist’s office is proud to offer the Invisalign clear “braces” system that allows many patients to transcend their annoying orthodontic issues in an unobtrusive manner.

Over the course of today’s blog post, we will try to highlight the advantages of this new approach to orthodontic treatment in British Columbia. Keep reading, and then be sure to get in touch with our team to arrange for your next visit. We want to give you plenty to smile about!

Invisalign Is Relatively Fast, Discreet & Effective

Most patients have a preconceived notion of what an orthodontic solution will look like. Straightaway, we want to reiterate that Invisalign WILL NOT involve you wearing metal wires and brackets! Instead, this program aims to straighten teeth through a sequential series of clear, nearly invisible, plastic aligners.

This means that none of your family, coworkers, or social acquaintances may ever have to know about the construction zone in your mouth. At any rate, there won’t be any metal to gawk at or comment on, which is nice.

To keep things moving in the right direction, you will be responsible for switching out your Invisalign aligner trays for the next set in the series. You can do this yourself approximately every two weeks, which saves you a trip for an in-office hardware tune-up.

If you were concerned about eating, you will love that there are no dietary restrictions. You will be able to consume whatever food you want, whenever you want with Invisalign. That’s because your aligners won’t trap food like their metal counterparts.

You see, they are designed to be removable. So, you can take a break whenever it makes sense as long as you are still wearing them at least 20 hours of each day. You’d never be able to do that with metal brackets and wires!

As far as cleaning goes, there won’t be any special tools necessary. You can just pop out your Invisalign aligners for a quick rinse under warm water. You will still need to accomplish your daily home hygiene tasks so that your mouth stays fresh, healthy, and clean during your Invisalign treatment. But that is not too much to ask, now is it?

You may have heard that metal braces are painful. Braces can cut open the soft tissues of your mouth and induce irritation, sores, and the like for the 2-3 years you are stuck wearing them.

The nice thing is that there won’t be any such risk with Invisalign. Dr. Rogers will see that your aligners will fit nice and snug and feel normal in your mouth. What’s more, depending on your situation, an Invisalign treatment program can often be completed in a matter of months (usually about 12), so you may not have too long to wait before you get to enjoy the exciting results.

It’s Time To Straighten Things Out!

We hope that you have been inspired by this post. If you would like to improve the alignment of your smile, it’s time to schedule an Invisalign adult orthodontics consultation in our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dentist’s office. Call us today at 604-635-1695 ext 1 or simply contact us online to get the ball rolling.