Relieving Dental Anxiety

Unfortunately, many people feel some dental anxiety and concern about visiting the dentist. That can be fine if it doesn’t prevent you from getting the dental treatment you need. It does become a problem when you start skipping appointments, or when you have to argue repeatedly with your child to get them to go. If you are dealing with either, dental sedation from our White Rock/South Surrey dental office can help you relieve dental anxiety.

Dr. Rogers on Putting Patients At Ease

The Problem of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is very common. There are several reasons for this. First, you might have had a bad experience in the past at another dental office. Maybe the staff didn’t treat you respectfully, or maybe a dental treatment didn’t work well. That memory can make you worried about future treatments. Then again, you might have heard someone else talk about a bad dental experience. Some people just hate sitting in the chair while someone works on the teeth. Regardless of why, dental anxiety can stop your family from getting the treatments they need.

Sedation Dentistry Can Ease Your Nerves

Sedation dentistry is the use of a sedative during a dental treatment. If you are anxious or worried about getting treatments like root canal treatments or porcelain dental crowns, sedation can get rid of the negative feelings so you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment. At our White Rock/South Surrey dental office, you can get oral sedation. This prescription pill must be taken an hour before your visit, and you will need someone to drive you to and from our dental office.

There are different types of dental sedation. Some patients expect to fall asleep during sedation dentistry, but the oral medication you can get from us provides conscious sedation. This means that you will most likely be awake for your treatment. Since the oral medication removes your anxiety and worry, you won’t care about being awake or asleep. Conscious sedation can also help your treatments be more successful. It allows you to communicate to Dr. Rogers should he need to ask you any questions.

Comfortable, Gentle Dental Staff

Perhaps your previous dental treatments have gone fine. The problem you had in the past was when the staff at another office treated you poorly. That will not be a problem here with our dental team. Everyone knows how to treat you like family. We go out of our way to make everyone feel welcomed, respected, and informed. We are especially good with children’s dentistry.

Our dental office in White Rock/South Surrey, BC is designed to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. We make sure our office is clean and modern, because we know that can help. When you’re in one of our dental chairs, you can have blankets and pillows to feel comfortable. You can even watch television during your dental treatments so you can keep your mind focused on something fun.

No More Dental Fear

Ready to get past dental anxiety and get your needed dental treatments? Call us today at 604-536-7606 ext 1 or use our convenient online form for your next appointment. New patients can always receive a free initial consultation. The free consultation is your chance to meet with Dr. Rogers and his team for a brief visual exam and evaluation. This initial visit will not include X-rays, diagnostic tests, or a teeth cleaning, but we can take care of those things at your next appointment.