This General Dentist Offers Smile Makeovers In South Surrey

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Let’s face it, most of us were not born with a perfect smile. There is always room for improvement, which is why our general dentist’s office in South Surrey/White Rock, BC offers smile makeovers that utilize the latest cosmetic dentistry solutions. Keep reading to hear about the possibilities, and then be sure to contact us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Rogers!

Teeth Whitening Treatment

If the bright days of Spring are darkened by your yellow, stained, or otherwise off-colour teeth, you are not alone. But, don’t worry, there could be a solution: professional teeth whitening from your general dentist’s office.

Yes, you can get a professional-strength teeth whitening treatment right here in our office. Or you may opt for our professional take-home trays. One way or another, we’ll get you smiling again.

Gum Recession Therapy

No one likes a gummy smile. To reverse gum recession, we can employ the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. This modern procedure can move the gumline back to where it ought to be, making things look well proportioned in your mouth.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can cover over your crooked, stained, broken, or badly damaged teeth. Our standard veneers are made from a thin but durable porcelain-based material that is designed to blend in with the natural colour of healthy teeth. Just so you know: once the small layer of enamel is removed to make them sit properly in position, that cannot be reversed. As such, we will want to make sure this is the best route for you! We also offer e.max veneers. These are made from a special material that is so thin that no enamel removal may be necessary.

Cosmetic Bonding

We have found that dental bonding is an easy introduction to cosmetic dentistry. At White Rock Dental Group, we can repair chips and other small imperfections with cosmetic dental bonding. It is a quick and affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile!

Smile Makeover

If a big transformational journey is what you have in mind, we’ve got a team that is ready to help you go all the way. During your visit, we can walk you through the treatment (or combination of treatments) that make the most sense for taking your smile back!

Let’s Do This!

We hope that this information has been helpful. Spring is a great time to schedule a smile makeover consultation in our White Rock/South Surrey, BC general dentist’s office. So, what are you waiting for?

Call us today at 604-635-1695 ext 1 or simply contact us online to kickstart the process.