No one should be living in pain needlessly. When you have dental pain or discomfort, Dr. Rogers and the team at our White Rock/South Surrey, BC dental office can deliver treatments to let you feel comfortable again.

What Can I Do About A Dental Emergency?

Dental problems can happen at almost any time. Accidents and injuries cannot be planned, and a small toothache can quickly grow into something unbearable. If you are in pain because you are having a dental emergency, we have same-day appointments available for most cases. You should call us immediately at 604-536-7606 ext 1 . If Dr. Rogers is unable to fix the problem completely, he can at least help you feel less discomfort until the problem is solved.

Can A Tooth Get Infected And Hurt A Lot?

Harmful bacteria live in your mouth and can cause gum disease and tooth decay. However, they can also get inside your tooth. When this happens, the bacteria infect your dental pulp. That’s where all of the blood vessels and nerve endings for that tooth are found. If your tooth gets infected like this, you can experience a lot of pain. The only way to remove the infection and the pain is through a root canal treatment. In this restorative dentistry treatment, Dr. Rogers will make a small opening in your tooth and remove the infected pulp. Then he seals the tooth with a porcelain dental crown to make it strong again.

Will A Cavity Cause A Toothache?

Not every toothache is a sign that you need a root canal treatment. Your nerve endings are inside your teeth, but they can be triggered by tooth decay. Normally, your tooth enamel protects those nerve endings from cavities, which are small holes in the enamel. So if the cavity gets big enough, pressure from biting and chewing can transfer through these damaged spots in the tooth, triggering your nerves. In this case, you may need a dental filling or porcelain dental crown to reinforce the compromised enamel and prevent tooth pain.

Can Removing A Tooth Help?

Saving your natural teeth is normally a good idea, which is why we offer restorative dentistry treatments like porcelain dental crowns and root canal therapy. However, the most important thing is to keep you healthy and eliminate pain. There are cases when a tooth is so damaged or infected that leaving it in will only prolong your pain. At that point, removing the tooth may be the best choice.

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