Invisalign: A Viable Alternative To Braces In White Rock, BC

You don’t have to settle for crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Dr. Rogers might actually be able to straighten out the situation in your mouth without any metal wires or brackets whatsoever. So, check out today’s video clip to see what Invisalign clear aligners are all about, and then be sure to contact White Rock Dental Group to schedule your alternative orthodontic consultation. ...

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Why Not Try Invisalign Instead Of Classic Metal Braces?

Hello and welcome to the online home of White Rock Dental Group. We are here to help you keep your mouth clean and your smile looking its best at all times, regardless of your age or background. And we are proud to offer forward-looking solutions around here. So, if you have been plagued by bothersome orthodontic issues your whole life, it might be a good idea to come and see Dr. Rogers for a ...

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7 Reasons Why Invisalign Can Improve Your Smile In Surrey, BC

A smile full of crooked and uneven teeth is unfortunate, because there are orthodontic treatments that can correct that. But which one works for you? Traditional metal braces are still around, but while they do work, there may be an alternative: Invisalign clear aligners. Here are seven ways Invisalign can improve your smile's appearance. Plastic molded for your mouth can be more ...

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