Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Ruin Your Summer

With Summer almost here, you will need to be extra cautious. That’s because the concrete around the swimming pool is hard enough to knock out a tooth, and cookouts are filled with the sort of foods (not to mention ice) that can chip or fracture your pearly whites. Plus, all those sugary refreshments will only feed the bacteria that causes cavities and worse. The situation sounds bleak, but it ...

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How To Handle A Dental Emergency | South Surrey, BC

A dental emergency can happen when you least expect it. That’s why our South Surrey general dentist’s office keeps some appointment slots open each day for unexpected guests. There is some good news: dental emergencies are seldom life-threatening in the way that other medical emergencies can be. But here’s the thing: they can be life-altering if not handled in an appropriate manner. To ...

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