Visit a Family Dentist for the Whole Family

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Everyone has their own idea of family, which makes it a little hard to define. “Family dentistry” is more straightforward, though. And no matter who you count as family, we’re the dental office in Surrey, BC to treat them all.

We see patients from ages 2 to 102 because we know family includes all ages. We pride ourselves on being equipped to provide excellent care at every stage of life.


When You See Teeth, It’s Time to See Us!

Your little one’s baby teeth are every bit as important as their permanent ones. Once your child is two years old, schedule an appointment at White Rock Dental Group. Let’s get started on the right foot by establishing good oral health as a priority.

The first visit is strongly guided by your child’s response to us and our office. We’ll do as much of an exam as we can, but the point of this initial meeting is for us to get to know each other. Your kid’s comfort is what matters.

Establish Routines Early for Lasting Results

Before permanent teeth come in, make sure your youngster is an old pro at dental hygiene. Some permanent teeth don’t erupt until around age 12, so make sure those baby teeth stay healthy for a long time! Plus focusing on baby teeth will make good oral health a matter of routine as permanent teeth replace them.

  • Teach your kids to brush twice a day for two minutes at a time. Make the most of those two minutes by being sure to scrub from every angle, covering each entire tooth.
  • Follow with a good, accurate flossing. Yes, even baby teeth need to be flossed. The moment your little one has teeth that touch, you should be flossing them.
  • Come see us at White Rock Dental Group to have plaque and tartar removed from permanent teeth. We’ll follow this with a polish to make their chompers shine.
  • Opt for fluoride treatments to guard against decay. Once molars come in, we’ll paint them with a dental sealant to ward off bacteria in nooks and crannies.

At the end of every visit, your tyke can choose a prize from our treasure chest. We want to give them positive feelings about trips to the dentist!

Help Your Teen Avoid “Brace Face”

Teens should be encouraged to continue the same behaviors we recommend for kids. But an additional rite of passage for many adolescents is braces. Metal braces can be a source of frustration for teenagers, requiring a lot of special cleaning, tightening, and the occasional sore lip from rubbing against brackets.

Let your teen opt out of metal braces with Invisalign. These clear, plastic aligners work in as few as nine months to guide teeth into a more appropriate line without any metal brackets or wires. Your teenager can reap the benefits of braces without having to miss out on their favorite foods or flashing a mouthful of metal in yearbook photos.

Don’t Forget About Your Smile

We’ve talked a lot about preventive treatment for your little ones, but don’t let that stop you from taking care of yourself. The same preventive care we encourage for kids and teens is just as necessary for you – even flossing. Especially flossing. Seriously, you’ve got to floss.

If you missed the braces boat as a teen (or you didn’t wear your retainers and need your teeth re-aligned), Invisalign is a viable option for you, too. Adults sometimes live with crooked teeth because they are too self-conscious to wear braces. Don’t fall into the spiral of shame, hiding your grin because it’s crooked in order to avoid hiding it because you have braces. Invisalign will give you the best of both worlds.

As you age, your teeth will age with you. You may need certain restorations for chipped, cracked, or injured teeth. And we’ll be right here to provide them! From fillings to root canals and crowns, we’ll keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Bring Your Whole Family to White Rock Dental Group

We love to see folks welcoming the arrival of their first tooth and those saying goodbye to their last one.

Keep this number where you can find it easily: 604-635-1695. When anyone in your family has a dental emergency, reach out to White Rock Dental Group for help. We’ll do our best to see you the day of your injury.

In fact, keep that number handy for all of your family’s dental needs. Whatever they are, we’re equipped to meet them.